Special Meeting
Sunday 16 July 2017, from 1pm

In 2016 the Board realised that the original WellSpring Constitution no longer complied with current legislation for Not-for-Profit organisations.

This prompted the Board to engage Moores Legal to facilitate the rewriting of the Constitution to ensure legal compliance. During this process the Board has consulted with the deacons of Ashburton Baptist Church, who are in agreement with the changes in governance between the two organisations.

Rules of Association and Summary Sheet
The revised Constitution, now called the ‘Rules of Association’ (‘Rules’), and an (updated) summary sheet of the key changes, are available here.

Questions about the Rules may be sent to board@wellspringcentre.org.au or by contacting Ann Lock on (03) 9885 0277 before 9 July 2017.

Special Meeting for WellSpring Centre
Sunday 16 July, 1pm

at Ashburton Baptist Church
8 Y Street Ashburton

We will gather for a Special Meeting on Sunday 16 July 2017 at 1pm, for members to vote on the acceptance of the Rules, including afternoon tea.

Everyone is welcome to attend this meeting and participate in the conversation, so please come and join us for this important occasion in the life of WellSpring.

According to the current Constitution, only members who have paid their current subscription are entitled to vote at the Special Meeting, and all votes must be given personally. Voting cannot be given by proxy.

Please come and bring a fellow WellSpring member (or two)!
It is essential that we have a quorum of members attending this Special Meeting on 16 July, in order for the vote to be binding.