Kaleidoscope Creations is a new program of WellSpring Centre.

The primary aim of Kaleidoscope Creations is to facilitate the development of quality resources which explore personal journeys from devastation to transformation, through creativity.

Launching a new creative program

WellSpring was delighted to launch the Kaleidoscope Creations program on 16 August 2015 with the production of a full-colour hardback book and DVD, Devastation to Transformation, drawing together artwork by Fiona Dawn Hill and music by Monique Lisbon.

The launch was a fantastic success, with more than 130 people present, and a wonderful atmosphere of celebration.

Speeches from the launch

Click on the following links to listen to speeches from the launch:


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Devastation to Transformation is now available for purchase.

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You can also order framed, signed prints of the artwork in the Devastation to Transformation book/DVD by clicking here.

Proceeds from sales

Proceeds from the sale of this resource will be divided evenly between future Kaleidoscope Creations projects and programs – enabling other trauma survivors to develop and publish creative works – and the general work of WellSpring.

Baptcare-logoWellSpring acknowledges generous support from Baptcare in the form of a $17,000 Community Engagement grant to cover costs of producing, launching and distributing this initial Kaleidoscope Creations resource.

Kaleidoscope Creations’ commitment to facilitating transformation in the lives of trauma survivors is in line with Baptcare’s vision of community participation and engagement through critical, analytical, flexible and creative approaches to identifying and responding to human need.

Baptcare is committed to addressing significant, emerging and chronic conditions within communities, particularly issues which concern the marginalised and the disadvantaged.

The ongoing work of Kaleidoscope Creations

We each have a unique story.

Yet, many personal stories, particularly those grounded in traumatic experiences, remain unexpressed. Often this is because people living with the implications of trauma find it difficult to verbalise their own reality.

Kaleidoscope Creations broadly defines trauma as any experience which might be perceived as a threat to one’s life, safety or sense of self/wellbeing. Experiences which commonly trigger post-traumatic reactions include:

  • child sexual abuse and other child abuse and neglect;
  • family violence;
  • road trauma;
  • natural disaster;
  • acquired brain injury;
  • war, torture and Holocaust experience;
  • other experiences of grief and/or loss, including serious illness and financial hardship.

We understand that it can take a lot of courage, confidence and resources to experiment with “finding your voice,” setting boundaries, deciding what to share, and ensuring that you remain safe throughout the whole process.

So, we would love to work with you, in each stage of your creative pursuits and personal transformation.

Depending on your individual needs, this might include:

  • listening with compassion as you feel comfortable to share your story;
  • helping to translate your ideas into words, art or music;
  • providing feedback and suggestions to assist you in reframing, restructuring or reconceptualising;
  • ghost-writing or co-writing;
  • exploring design and publishing options;
  • support for exhibitions and marketing.

Future directions for Kaleidoscope Creations

We will be deciding about future directions for Kaleidoscope Creations in early to mid-2016. Whilst we are not yet in a position to discuss specific details of any projects/programs, please let us know if you would like to be added to the Kaleidoscope Creations mailing list, to be advised when the structure for the 2016 Kaleidoscope Creations program is more finalised.