This unit has been cancelled for 2020.

Lecturer: Rev Dr Tim McCowan

UD undergraduate unit code: DS3205W
UD postgradute unit code: DS9205W

This unit explores the art of engaging in Christian life and ministry with a contemplative awareness. It will examine the Biblical, theological and practical foundations for a Christian contemplative spirituality, and the implications of this posture of union with God for one’s personal life, relationships, ministry and involvement in wider society.

Particular focus will be given to:

  • the Biblical, theological and practical issues of reconciling one’s active and contemplative life with the personal and social dimensions of ministry;
  • a theological understanding and critical engagement with the dynamics of forgiveness and reconciliation in ministry from a contemplative awareness;
  • spiritual and practical exercises to increase their awareness of being present to themselves, the Holy Spirit, and to others.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  • articulate the Biblical and theological foundations for a contemplative spirituality in Christian life and ministry;
  • identify the challenges and resources to live with a contemplative awareness in daily life;
  • evaluate the effect of a contemplative practice and vision on a person’s engagement in ministry;
  • analyse their theological and practical understanding of forgiveness, reconciliation and non-violent social action for a particular cultural and social context;
  • critically self-evaluate their growth through personal and peer supervision;
  • articulate a theological synthesis of theory and practice for a contemplative approach to ministry and social action.

Dates for 2020

This unit has been cancelled for 2020.

  • Friday 27 and Saturday 28 March 2020, 9.30am to 4.30pm, AND
  • Friday 17 and Saturday 18 April 2020, 9.30am to 4.30pm, AND
  • Friday 15 and Saturday 16 May 2020, 9.30am to 4.30pm

Location: WellSpring Centre, 10 Y Street Ashburton VIC 3147

Enrolment and Costs for 2020

Enrolment for academic credit:

This unit may count towards an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Theology through Whitley College.

Costs are as per University of Divinity schedule for 2020 (undergraduate or postgraduate single unit).

Students who enrol through University of Divinity may be eligible for FEE-Help to cover course fees (NB: cost of residential gathering is not covered by FEE-Help).

If you already a student with the University of Divinity, contact the registrar at your own Home College to arrange enrolment.

Contact for New Students:
Anne Mallaby
Coursework Coordinator
Whitley College
Ph: (03) 9340 8000
Dorothy Morgan
Whitley College
Ph: (03) 9340 8000

There is also the option of auditing this unit, at a reduced cost.

Fees for auditing for 2020 ($500) are payable in full to Whitley College at the time of enrolling as an auditing student.

Students who audit the unit are encouraged to complete the written tasks to gain full benefit.

NB: If you choose to enrol as an auditing student, no academic credit can be claimed for the unit, either at the time of enrolling or retrospectively.

To enrol as an auditing student:

Please download and complete this form and return it to Dorothy Morgan, Registrar at Whitley College.