This unit explores the various forms or stages of contemplation relating to the shifts in our awareness of our relationship with God. The application of contemplative practices associated with these forms or stages are examined to ascertain their influence on deepening awareness of personal spiritual development, vocational discernment, communal engagement and the development of global perspectives.

The Art of Contemplative Practice unit is recommended, but not required, for Art of Contemplative Practice 2.

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Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to demonstrate evidence of personal reflection and integration of concepts by:

    1. Articulating an historical framework for the development of contemplation through Christian history from the early Church to the current era.
    2. Demonstrating a clear understanding of contemplation and its relationship to other spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer and intercession.
    3. Developing a critical awareness of the unique aspects of the various forms of contemplation.
    4. Engaging in critical examination of their own spiritual practices as they relate to contemplation.
    5. Describing the relevance of contemplative practices to engagement with the world and diverse contexts and cultures of ministry.

2019 Course Details

Facilitator: Rev Dr Peter Bentley


  • Tuesdays 13, 20 and 27 August, 9am to 3pm, AND
  • Tuesdays 3, 10 and 17 September, 9am to 3pm, AND
  • Friday 6 to Sunday 8 September (off-site retreat in Boronia)

Location: WellSpring Centre, 10 Y Street, Ashburton VIC 3147

Class size (minimum and maximum number of students) is designed to facilitate optimal participation.

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2019 Enrolment and Costs

Academic Credit:

This unit can be taken for academic credit through Whitley College, a college of the University of Divinity.

UD code: DS9202W

Process for enrolment for 2019

Step 1:

Please complete the WellSpring registration form for The Art of Contemplative Practice 2 prior to enrolling in the unit.

Step 2:

Decide whether to enrol in the unit for academic credit or as an auditing student. Both options happen through Whitley College.

Enrolment for academic credit:

This unit may count towards a post-graduate degree in Theology through Whitley College.

Costs are as per University of Divinity schedule (post-graduate single unit).

Students who enrol through University of Divinity may be eligible for FEE-Help to cover course fees (NB: cost of residential gathering is not covered by FEE-Help).

The cost of the residential retreat ($275 including GST) is additional, and payable directly to WellSpring. You will be invoiced for this by WellSpring once you have enrolled through University of Divinity.

If you already a student with the University of Divinity, contact the registrar at your own Home College to arrange enrolment.

Contact for New Students:
Anne Mallaby
Coursework Coordinator
Whitley College
Ph: (03) 9340 8000
Dorothy Morgan
Whitley College
Ph: (03) 9340 8000

There is also the option of auditing this unit, at a reduced cost.

Fees for auditing for 2019 ($1,225) are payable in full to Whitley College at the time of enrolling as an auditing student.

The cost of the residential retreat ($275 including GST) is additional, and payable directly to WellSpring Centre. You will be invoiced for this by WellSpring once you have enrolled as an auditing student through University of Divinity.

Students who audit the unit are encouraged to complete the written tasks to gain full benefit.

NB: If you choose to enrol as an auditing student, no academic credit can be claimed for the unit, either at the time of enrolling or retrospectively.

To enrol as an auditing student:

Please download and complete this form and return it to Dorothy Morgan, Registrar at Whitley College.