The Enneagram is a personality system that explores inner motivations for responding to life. It is a tool that develops self-awareness in the context of different approaches to work, relationships and goal setting. While having overlapping functions to the Myers Briggs personality system the Enneagram provides dynamic strategies for ongoing self-improvement and approaches for team building.

Originally drawing from the early Christian, Jewish and Islamic mystical traditions, the Enneagram was developed over the centuries to become a comprehensive personality mapping system to aid people in their awareness of what conscious and unconscious elements of their lives influence them in their response to the world around them.

It provides a spiritually based understanding of personality which gives clues to how our spirituality speaks to the everyday aspects of our living and involvement within the world.

At WellSpring, we run programs on the Enneagram to complement the other core programs in spiritual direction, contemplation, and reconciliation and peacemaking.

Mapping the Soul with the Enneagram

This unit explores the relationship between the spiritual aspects of our lives and our identities. The unit will draw on a personality mapping system – the Enneagram – to identify how it provides pointers to our spiritual awareness in areas including: self identity, personal development, prayer and the ways people experience God, discern life goals, engage in work and ministry.

Students will be invited to reflect on their own personality frameworks and the impact these have on their developing awareness of self, God and the world in their everyday life experiences.

2019 Course Details

Facilitators: Rev Dr Tim McCowan and Rev Dr Peter Bentley

Dates: Thursdays, 9.30am to 4.30pm:

  • 8, 15 and 22 August; AND
  • 17, 24 and 31 October 2019

Location: WellSpring Centre

2019 Enrolment and Costs

Academic Credit:

This unit can be taken for academic credit through Whitley College, a college of the University of Divinity.




UD codes: DS3208W and DS9208W

Costs: Per University of Divinity schedule (15 point post-graduate unit). If students enrol through University of Divinity, FEE-Help may be available to cover tuition fees.

Contact Dorothy Morgan at Whitley College for more information.



There is also the option of auditing this unit, at a reduced cost.

Auditing fees are $1,347.50 including GST (payable to WellSpring Centre).

An invoice for the auditing fees will be sent to you for payment prior to the beginning of the unit.

Students who audit the unit are still encouraged to complete the written tasks to gain full benefit.

Monique Lisbon
to enrol as an auditing student