Art of Contemplative Practice


Art of Contemplative Practice 1 - Townsville


Overview and duration

Art of Contemplative Practice 1 is offered for those seeking to explore contemplation as a basis for living and ministry.

This unit explores the foundational principles of contemplation and their relevance to our life, work and spiritual practice. The formation program will draw on the various contemplative elements of inner silence, solitude, spiritual practices, listening, discernment and the human experience of the Transcendent.

Participants will be invited to reflect on these aspects of contemplation and the impact on their developing awareness of spiritual aspects and practices in their everyday life experience.


Duration: one semester

Course requirements / recommendations


  • none

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Course dates


This unit will be taught over 3 weekends, beginning with an orientation evening.

Intensive / In person (dates are inclusive) - House of Prayer and Spirituality in Townsville, QLD - HOPS map link

  • 2025


Next intake: 2025

Course details, learning outcomes, assessments, structure & recommended reading

Additional course information

Numbers are limited.

Course Director and Lecturer: Margaret Trevethan, Course Co-ordinator: Brianne Falconieri 

The Spiritual Formation Team: A diverse group of teachers and supervisors who are experienced spiritual companions. Together they bring a creative and balanced approach to this ministry.

This program has the attraction of the following features:

  • A flexible program
  • Participants may benefit from completing this unit on its own or using it to lead into other formation programs
  • Lectures, personal reflection, sharing in triad groups, supervised practice. A good balance between teaching, practicums and peer groups.
  • Teachers and students come from diverse faith traditions, adding depth and richness to the program
  • The House of Prayer provides an attractive venue and excellent resources for training
  • The unit is recognised by the University of Divinity and may earn credit towards the Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction or Spirituality and the Master of Spiritual Direction or Master of Spirituality. FEE-HELP may be available for course fees, for those who enrol through the University of Divinity

Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an informed and critical appreciation of contemplation
  • Articulate an understanding of various experiences of contemplation
  • Assess models of spiritual practice, listening and action that relate to everyday life experience
  • Compare and contrast various approaches to contemplative practices as they relate to vocational engagement and systematically evaluate the traditional approaches to contemplative practice
  • Creatively apply the principles of contemplative practice to discernment processes in life decisions

Participants who audit the unit are encouraged to complete the written tasks to gain full benefit.

Cost (per unit)

This course is offered through Whitley College. Government fee help is available to qualifying Australian citizens.

For academic credit, costs are as per the University of Divinity fees schedule.

There is a reduced cost for Audit participants**. Please apply here: Application for Audit WellSpring

Useful links for additional information:

**NB: If you choose to complete the unit as an Audit participant, no academic credit can be claimed for the unit, either at the time of enrolling, or retrospectively.

Enrolment process

Please enrol directly with Whitley College

Registrar, Whitley College
Email: | Ph: (03) 9340 8000

How to Apply - Whitley College

For more information

Please contact Brianne Falconieri at the House of Prayer 
Email: | Ph: (07) 4728 9861

Please contact us at WellSpring

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