Be involved

Possible ways to be involved or contribute to WellSpring


Volunteers as your time and skills to keep our financial records -  contact us 



Planning and or co-ordinating the content

Maximising our use of the technical aspects (eg Mailchimp)



Artistic Perspective

Content creation

Updating events


Professional Development co-ordinator

Plan, explore and implement opportunities


WellSpring garden

Be part of a group working bee

Come regularly to enhance the beauty


Membership coordinator

Facilitate engagement among members


Peer group coordinator

Establish where the current needs are (a draft survey is ready for circulation)

Facilitate engagement for those not connected and among peer groups

Work with PD coordinator to provide training and sharing of wisdom for the benefit of pilgrims


Hospitality team

Ideally someone is at WellSpring for part of each weekday to welcome visitors.

Currently there are gaps in the schedule.You can fill the gap by coming to WellSpring on a regular basis.


WellSpring library

If you love books and are keen to see more of the WellSpring community reading the many books in the library, please contact us.


For involvement in these areas contact us 

To make a financial contribution go here.