Be Involved

Possible ways to be involved or contribute to WellSpring


Opportunities as part of the WellSpring referral team

Expressions of Interest are invited for 2 volunteer roles as part of the Referral team Wellspring:

Team Leader of the Referral Team

Team Member of the Referral Team

The Referral Team are volunteers who assist those seeking a spiritual companion, linking them with a suitable Wellspring spiritual companion. More detailed descriptions of the roles and positions of Team Leader and Team Members can be seen in the Referral Team Guidelines found by clicking on this link.

If you would like to indicate your interest in either position please reply by Friday 11th August to current team members,  Bernie Byrne or George Warren.


Be a pilgrim for a student studying Art of Spiritual Companioning. 

During their training in spiritual companioning, students are required to meet a number of pilgrims. This is an important part of their formation and learning. For some students, their broader community may not be familiar with spiritual companioning, so if you can be a pilgrim, it is a valuable gift to the student. If you are willing explore this possibility, please contact Tim Mc Cowan, our Dean of Studies who will match you with a student. 



Kathy needs assistance in the planning and or coordinating of the content of the newsletter; and

Maximising our use of the technical aspects (including design and segmenting of subscribers). 


Website - there are a few ways to be involved

Add your unique artistic perspective to refresh the images and look of the website; OR

Help with creating helpful content, including for our Voice to Parliament initiative; OR

Update events; OR  

Maintain links with our partners such as Ashburton Baptist Church and Whitley. 


Professional Development co-ordinator

Plan, explore and implement opportunities for skills development of our community. 


WellSpring garden

Be part of a group working bee

Come regularly to work in the garden and be part of enhancing the beauty of our garden.


Hospitality team

Ideally someone is at the front office of WellSpring for part of each weekday to welcome visitors.

Currently there are gaps in the schedule which you may want to fill.


WellSpring library

If you love books and are keen to see more of the WellSpring community reading the many books in the library, please contact us with your ideas. Our honorary Librarian, Phillipa Thomson, is keen to hand over this role to someone else. Contact her to find out more.  


For involvement in these areas and other areas or events, please contact us 

To make a financial contribution, click here.