If you are a current member of, or regularly attend Ashburton Baptist Church, you are invited to book in for the following WellSpring events free of charge (your attendance is being sponsored by the church).

Also, if you are a regular volunteer in the WellSpring office, you are invited to book in for these events free of charge.

JULY 2018

A Contemplative Circle (Wed 18 July)
Chew and View (Thurs 19 July)
Spir Dir PD: Cultural Issues in Spiritual Direction (Wed 25 July)
Growing in Silence (Thurs 26 July)


Mystics: Medieval and Modern Day - CS Lewis (Wed 1 Aug)
Growing in Silence (Thurs 2 Aug)
Soul Nurture Day (Wed 8 Aug)
Growing in Silence (Thurs 9 Aug)
A Contemplative Circle (Wed 15 Aug)
Growing in Silence (Thurs 16 Aug)
Stories of Light and Dark (Thurs 16 Aug)
The Enneagram: Explore, Embody, Evolve (Sat 18 & Sun 19 Aug)
Poetry Day (Tues 21 Aug)
Growing in Silence (Thurs 30 Aug)


Soul Nurture Day (Thurs 6 Sep)
A Contemplative Circle (Wed 19 Sep)
Spir Dir PD: Reimagining Spiritual Direction in an Australian Context (Tues 25 Sep)


Soul Nurture Day (Tues 2 Oct)
Out of the Whirlwind (Tues 9 Oct)
Chew and View (Thurs 11 Oct)
Creative Art Conversations (Sat 13 Oct)
A Contemplative Circle (Wed 17 Oct)
Poetry Day (Thurs 18 Oct)


Soul Nurture Day (Fri 9 Nov)
A Contemplative Circle (Wed 21 Nov)


Quiet Day for Spiritual Directors (Sat 1 Dec)
Christmas Gathering and Thank You to Volunteers (Tues 11 Dec)


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