If you are a current member of, or regularly attend, one of the following churches, you are invited to book in for the following WellSpring events free of charge (your attendance is being sponsored by your church):

  • Ashburton Baptist Church OR
  • St Kilda Elsternwick Baptist Church

Also, if you are a regular volunteer in the WellSpring office, you are invited to book in for these events free of charge.

APRIL 2020

A Contemplative Circle (Wed 15 April)
Growing in Silence (Thurs 23 April)
PD for Spiritual Directors: Building Your Spiritual Direction Practice (Thurs 30 April)

MAY 2020

Embodied Life (Sat 2 May)
Poetry Day – New Zealand Poetry (Thurs 7 May)
Community Day and AGM (Sat 9 May)
Soul Nurture Day (Mon 11 May)
PD for Spiritual Directors: Spiritual Direction and The Whispers of Death (Mon 18 May)
A Contemplative Circle (Wed 20 May)
Growing in Silence (Thurs 28 May)

JUNE 2020

First Nations Peoples and the Road to Healing (Tues 2 June)
Developing the Virtues of the Enneagram (Wed 10 June)
First Nations Peoples and the Road to Healing (Tues 16 June)
A Contemplative Circle (Wed 17 June)
Cross-Cultural Spiritual Direction (Thursday 18 June 2020)
Soul Nurture Day (Tues 23 June)
Growing in Silence (Thurs 25 June)
First Nations Peoples and the Road to Healing (Tues 30 June)

JULY 2020

PD for Spiritual Directors: Embodied Life (Thurs 2 July)
Soul Nurture Day (Wed 8 July)
A Contemplative Circle (Wed 15 July)
Growing in Silence (Thurs 23 July)
PD for Spiritual Directors: Invitation to Transformation, Growth and Fullness of Life


Soul Nurture Day (Mon 3 August)
Moments of Wonder: Noticing God’s Voice in Everyday Life (Thurs 6 August)
Poetry Day – Flavours of Country (Mon 10 August)
A Contemplative Circle (Wed 19 August)
Moments of Wonder: Noticing God’s Voice in Everyday Life (Thurs 20 August)
Growing in Silence (Thurs 27 August)


Soul Nurture Day (Wed 9 September)
A Contemplative Circle (Wed 16 September)
What if? … To Tell the Truth, to Feel the Sadness, to Cherish Life (Thurs 17 September)
Growing in Silence (Thurs 17 September) - in church lounge
Volunteer Thank You Day (Wed 23 September)


Retreat Day: Visit to the Community of the Transfiguration, Teesdale (Sat 3 October)
PD for Spiritual Directors: Relational Psychodynamics (Mon 5 October)
Poetry Day – ‘Poetry of the Presence’ (Tues 20 October)
A Contemplative Circle (Wed 21 October)
Growing in Silence (Thurs 22 October)
Soul Nurture Day (Thurs 29 October)


Unearthing our Ancient Connections to the Natural World (Thurs 5 November)
Soul Nurture Day (Tues 10 November)
A Contemplative Circle (Wed 18 November)
Omega Conversations (Thurs 19 November)
Growing in Silence (Thurs 26 November)


Quiet Day for Spiritual Directors (Sat 5 December) – in Camberwell


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