Welcome to the wonderful world of Zoom! We hope this form will make your life easier as we learn together to navigate this increasingly online world.

1. Complete form

  • To organise a Zoom meeting for a WellSpring purpose, please complete the request form below.
  • NB: Submitting this form does not automatically mean a meeting has been booked for you.

2. Booking

  • We will book and confirm the meeting with you.
  • If a backup host has been nominated (for meetings of 3+ people), they will also be sent the login details.

3. Inviting participants

  • We will email a letter for you to send to participants to invite them to the meeting.
  • Please note that it is your responsibility to do this.
  • RSVPs will come directly to you.

4. Hosting/facilitating meeting

  • The host facilitates the meeting using the login details supplied by WellSpring in our confirmation email (point 2 above).
  • If the host is unexpectedly unavailable or their internet doesn’t work, the backup host can do this instead.


Meeting Host/Facilitator

Name of Zoom meeting host/facilitator:*
Email address of host/facilitator:*
Phone number of host/facilitator:*

Backup host (for meetings of 3+ people only)

Details of a second person are required for all meetings over two people. This ensures that the meeting does not unexpectedly end if the host's internet cuts out. (NB: This is not necessary for spiritual direction or supervision sessions with only two people in total.)

Name of Zoom meeting backup host:
Email address of Zoom Meeting Backup Host:
Phone Number of Zoom Meeting Backup Host:
Purpose of Zoom meeting:*
Other details of meeting

(NB: for SD and supervision sessions, please protect privacy in this form, by not including the name of the person you are meeting with)
Meeting date:*
Start time (NB: For 12noon, please enter 12pm)
NB: Please use half-hour blocks (e.g. 1.00, 1.30, 2.00)
End time (NB: For 12noon, please enter 12pm)
NB: Please use half-hour blocks (e.g. 1.00, 1.30, 2.00)
Has this booking already been entered into a Zoom Google calendar?*
Please provide me with the Zoom login link and details. I then agree to forward instructions onto the meeting participants as supplied.*