In order for us to safely welcome you to WellSpring, and in line with governmental requirements, we have developed a COVID Care Plan.

WellSpring follows the directives and guidance as set by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). While every attempt is made to keep the information on this page up to date, if DHHS directives change quickly, please follow those directives in preference to the WellSpring COVID Care Plan.

This plan is current as at 29 April 2021

Spiritual Directors/Supervisors:

Click here for COVID Care Plan guidelines for Spiritual Directors/Supervisors meeting with pilgrims/supervisees.

The Victorian Government Coronavirus website provides some excellent resources for COVID Safe Settings, including a document for caring for yourself, your family and guests in your home which can be viewed by clicking here.

General Requirements:

  • We will be offering online options for several of our events. Please do not come in person if you are physically unwell.
  • Please sign in using the QR code supplied or paper sign-in book (located at both the Marquis Street and Y Street entrances and elsewhere in WellSpring).
  • Please use hand sanitiser (available at external entrances and room entry doors).
  • Please maintain social distancing of 1.5 metres.
  • Please observe room density quotas as per the signs on room doors (and also outlined below), based on one person per 2 m²
    • Resource room: 24 people
    • Chapel: 13 people
    • Prayer room 1 (west): 3 people
    • Prayer room 2 (east): 3 people
    • Attic: 6 people
  • Please have windows and doors open for ventilation where possible.
  • We follow DHHS directives regarding wearing masks indoors (masks are currently not required, as at 16 February 2021).  People are welcome to wear a mask for personal preference.
  • Please maintain hygiene measures by avoiding physical contact and coughing/sneezing into elbows.


Serving and sharing food and beverages is a potential source of infection. Therefore:

  • you may bring food and beverages in your own container, but please do not  share these with others
  • you are welcome to use WellSpring supplies of tea/coffee/sugar and/or milk but please maintain social distancing in kitchen/kitchenette areas
  • to avoid contamination through sharing milk jugs, sugar spoons etc, please have one person to serve drinks
  • wash used crockery and cutlery thoroughly, preferably using the dishwasher in the church cafe if possible.

Hiring Our Facilities (groups external to WellSpring)

As this plan is subject to change, please ensure that you re-check the requirements just prior to the date of your booking.

  • Please nominate a group leader (present at the event) to be responsible for ensuring COVID procedures are observed, and advise us of the name of this person before your event, to the email address
  • The group leader is responsible for ensuring the General Details listed above, are observed.
  • At the end of your event, please clean surfaces in the rooms (metal chairs, tables, switches, door handles, bathrooms (if used), using the disinfecting wipes available in each room.