We value every gift – it makes a difference!

A New Invitation

Our goal is to see more people experience a “homecoming” to self, to the Divine, to one another, and to creation through WellSpring’s holding space.

You can share in this goal by becoming a

  • WellComer
  • WellMaker and/or
  • WellDigger


Those who broaden the invitation of homecoming
through financial donations

To extend this invitation as widely as possible, WellSpring subsidises a number of our programs e.g. Retreats and Building Bridges. We have also increased our investment in the Formation Program through Whitley College to bring more people into these transformative courses.

You can be a WellComer and invest financially in our people by donating in a way which is convenient for you. You may also specify that your donation be allocated towards a specific area, for example:


  • someone to attend a retreat
  • facilitators to participate in the Building Bridges program
  • a Formation Team member e.g. a teacher or supervisor. (Most students use FEE HELP so don’t need sponsorship)


  • the Resource Room (library) to make it a more useable space. (NB. Donations to the library are tax deductible and may be used for this upgrade)
  • our furniture needs updating! Make a donation towards a purchase of a chair, or chairs, for one of the rooms

See the monthly e-newsletters for specific giving.

Every gift is valued and makes a difference!

You are always welcome to talk with Ann Lock (Director) or a board member.

A Note about Why We Need to Increase Our Donations

WellSpring is grateful for previous financial gifts which have helped secure our cash assets, but the day-to-day budget is still vulnerable, with a small deficit forecast for this year. As an organisation, we must have sufficient cash resources to sustain our operations and, in the case of insolvency, pay out contractible and service agreements.

Click here to read our Treasurer Ben Norman’s explanation of why we need to increase donations while we have cash in the bank.



People who are part of bringing the vision of homecoming
to life through volunteer contributions

We simply could not operate without those people who generously and enthusiastically share their time, energy and wisdom – thank you! The value of your gift is inestimable, and WellSpring is richer because of what you offer.

Ann Lock (Director) would love to chat if you’d like to be a WellMaker – contact her here or ring (03) 8578 1327.  Some areas for volunteers are the garden, office, baking goodies for events, sewing some new cushions and more.



Organisations who strengthen WellSpring’s
holding space through a formal partnership 

e.g. Ashburton Baptist Church, Whitley College

We are grateful for these partnerships and look forward to expanding in this area. Contact Ann here or ring (03) 8578 1327.

With blessings for the good of WellSpring,
Ann Lock, on Behalf of the Board

Blessing of the Well

If you stand
at the edge
of this blessing
and call down into it,
you will hear
your words
return to you.If you lean in
and listen close,
you will hear
this blessing
give the story
of your life
back to you.

Quiet your voice.
Quiet your judgment.
Quiet the way
you always tell
your story
to yourself.
Quiet all these
and you will hear
the while of it
and the hollows of it:
the spaces
in the telling,
the gaps
where you hesitate
to go.

Sit at the rim
of this blessing.
Press your ear
to its lip,
Its sides,
Its curves
that were carved out
long ago
by those whose thirst drove them deep,
those who dug
Into the layers
with only their hands
and hope.
Rest yourself
beside this blessing
and you will hear
the sound of water
entering the gaps.

Still yourself
and you will feel it
rising up in within you,
filling every emptiness,
springing forth

© Jan Richardson