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Aboriginal Spirituality with Brooke Prentis
Jun 01

Aboriginal Spirituality with Brooke Prentis

$20.00 - $100.00
Registrations Closed
Date & Time
1 June 2024 9:30 AM - 9:00 PM
(UTC+10:00) Australia/Victoria

Registrations Are Closed

Wellspring Centre is delighted to bring those with an interest in spirituality to gather together with nationally recognised Aboriginal Christian Leader, Brooke Prentis. 

Brooke will offer three interactive sessions, and you can come to one or two or all three. Each session would include a talk, workshop practical tasks, and Q&A.  

Session 1- 10am to 12pm - The Dreaming: Aboriginal Spirituality and Country

12pm to 1pm -  BYO Lunch

Session 2 - 1pm to 3pm - Deep Listening: Connecting to Country

Session 3 - 7pm - Reconciliation: Heartbeats Healing Country 

You could arrive at 9:15am for morning tea with Brooke. With the session starting promptly at 10am. Tea and coffee will be provided.  Please bring your own lunch, a journal and water bottle. 

Session 1: 10am to 12pm - The Dreaming: Aboriginal Spirituality and Country

The Dreaming is a whole system of law and living.  The Dreaming is past, present, and future.  The Dreaming comes from the Creator and is passed from generation to generation to generation.  The Dreaming is relevant today - it has much to teach us - all peoples of all cultures.  Come together on Country and weave your story with the Creator’s story that is embedded in the landscape.

Session 2: 1pm to 3pm - Deep Listening: Connecting to Country

Country is not somewhere you go – it is every part of these lands now called Australia.  Aboriginal peoples have been practising deep listening to Country for thousands of years.  The Aboriginal cultural practice of deep listening means listening with ears, eyes, minds, hearts and whole beings.  Come and learn how to tune in as we learn and practise deep listening on Country.  

Session 3: 7pm - Reconciliation: Heartbeats Healing Country

Reconciliation is the building of relationship between Aboriginal peoples, Torres Strait Islander peoples, and non-Indigenous peoples of all cultures in these lands now called Australia. This year's #NRW theme is a reminder that no matter what, the fight for justice and the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples must continue - for all of us.   

It is a reminder that we each have a heartbeat. 

Aboriginal people hear the heartbeat of Country.  

When our hearts beat in rhythm, Reconciliation is possible.  

Reconciliation is still alive and is needed "Now More Than Ever".  Healing in these lands now called Australia is needed now more than ever.  We are at a critical time in Australia's Reconciliation Journey, and now is not the time to turn away.  Bring your heartbeat for the opportunity to join in rhythm and explore the journey for healing Country through Reconciliation. 

Join us as your act of Reconciliation this National Reconciliation Week book here.

More about Brooke Prentis:

Brooke Prentis is a Wakka Wakka woman and nationally recognised Aboriginal Christian Leader.  Brooke is an Aboriginal, Education, and Reconciliation Action Plan Consultant, as well as a theologian, writer, speaker, educator, justice advocate, and poet. Brooke has appeared on national television and radio programs including Channel 9's Helping Hands, ABC's The Drum, NITV's The Point, and has guest hosted ABC Radio National's Soul Search as well as been a guest on God Forbid and the Religions and Ethics Report.  Brooke is currently writing a book called "Listen, Learn, Love: Walking with Your Aboriginal Neighbour" equipping peoples of all cultures to practically live out Reconciliation.  Brooke shares a message of Reconciliation as Friendship and dreams of an Australian built on truth, justice, love, and hope. 


Event Type
In person at WellSpring
Event Location
10 Y Street
In person at Ashburton VIC 3147
Contact Details
Kimberly Hobbs

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