Kaleidoscope Creations

In 2015 WellSpring Centre received a Community Engagement Grant from Baptcare to fund the production of a hardback book/DVD containing original art by Fiona Dawn Hill and original music by Monique Lisbon, entitled Devastation to Transformation (D2T).

The production of this resource launched the WellSpring ‘Kaleidoscope Creations’ program. The aim of Kaleidoscope Creations is to nurture seeds of transformation through creative engagement with the effects of trauma in a safe and supportive environment

To further this aim, we are offering D2T books/DVDs as a free resource to practitioners or programs aiming to creatively facilitate transformation in a safe and supportive environment. As well as being used for personal reflection, this book/DVD has been resourcing:
  • pastoral care practitioners and chaplains
  • counsellors and social workers
  • theological libraries
  • artists and authors
  • spiritual directors
In addition
  • some organisations have been given multiple copies of D2T to sell as a way of raising funds for their programs.
We would like D2T to be a gift of transformation for as many people as possible!
  • If you would like to receive a free copy, please contact us (NB: delivery is at your expense)
  • OR to request multiple copies to further the aim of WellSpring’s ‘Kaleidoscope Creations’ program, please complete this simple form: