Membership periods

  • For WellSpring members who are also Spiritual Directors, membership is due annually in January.
  • For those whose professional indemnity insurance is not covered elsewhere, this payment ($40 per year) is also due each January.
  • If you are not a WellSpring Spiritual Director, please click on one of the following two links:

Renewal costs

The cost to renew your membership for the coming year, is as follows:

  • Individual cost: $80 per calendar year
  • Couple cost: $130 per calendar year
  • Concession cost: $40 per calendar year

Spiritual Direction Professional Indemnity Insurance:

  • $40 per year



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Spiritual directors' indemnity insurance

If you are not covered by professional idemnity insurance elsewhere, please pay this here.
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Individual ($40 per calendar year)
Couple ($80; i.e., $40 each per calendar year)

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