Silent Retreats

Retreats provide a variety of ways of making space to reflect on our life and spiritual journey.

What to expect on a silent retreat:

  • Warm hospitality: All retreats offer a safe, welcoming space.
  • Silence: We become silent during the first Evening Prayer/Reflection time together, and remain in silence, including mealtimes, until shortly before the conclusion of the retreat.
  • Accomodation: In restful surroundings with accommodation in single rooms and all meals provided.
  • Prayer/Reflection: Together each morning and evening.
  • Spiritual Companioning: Available daily for each person, if you want to participate.
  • Space: To rest, read, walk, journal, enjoy artwork, etc.


Retreatants are invited to arrive in the late afternoon before the evening meal on the first day of the retreat, and leave after lunch on the final day.


The retreats range from 2nights to 7 nights. For more info email us or go here.