All 2017 graduates of the Art of Spiritual Direction course, who currently live in Victoria, are entitled to attend any or all of the following 2018 WellSpring Professional Development sessions at no extra cost.

The cost of these sessions is covered by the $400 fee (paid by all grads living in Victoria), for 2018.

PD Program for 2018: Details of these PD sessions can be downloaded from here.

NB: The cost of the August two-session PD, ‘Mental Health in a Spiritual Direction Setting’ is not included, but can be booked separately here (cost: $175 for both days).

Please use the form below to book in to any or all of the PDs without payment.


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Quiet Day for Spiritual Directors
Facilitator: Tess Veenker

Wednesday 7 March, 10am to 3pm

Exploring Walking the Labyrinth:
As a Spiritual Practice and as a Metaphor for Spiritual Direction
Facilitator: Roslyn Manson
Location: Camberwell (address details will be provided upon registration)

Tuesday 24 April, 10am to 3pm

Journaling Our Dreams
Facilitator: Paul Beirne

Friday 11 May, 10am to 3pm

God: Our Images and Experience
Facilitator: Tim McCowan

Wednesday 6 June, 10am to 3pm

Cultural Issues in Spiritual Direction
Facilitator: Meewon Yang

Wednesday 25 July, 10am to 3pm

Reimagining Spiritual Direction in an Australian Context:
Listening to the Land, Listening to Ourselves, Listening to Other
Facilitator: Jane Ormonde

Tuesday 25 September, 10am to 1pm

Quiet Day for Spiritual Directors
Location and facilitator: To be confirmed

Saturday 1 December, 10am to 3pm