Spiritual Direction is one person inviting another person to accompany them on their faith journey.

This involves a conversation where:

  • the ‘guide’ listens carefully to the ‘pilgrim’ reflecting on his/her daily life experiences
  • both pilgrim and guide seek to pay attention to the presence of the Divine in the pilgrim’s life
  • both are seeking to nurture the life of the Divine in the pilgrim and to encourage the expression of this in ordinary and practical living

Spiritual direction is really not about being ‘directed’, rather it is about being encouraged to draw closer to the Divine. It is not therapy, counselling, teaching, mentoring or coaching, though there may at times be elements of these.

Spiritual Direction provides a safe and welcoming place to take seriously our growing relationship with the Divine – to be encouraged in this and to become more intentional in it.

Spiritual Direction may help you:

  • identify and trust your own experiences of the Divine
  • integrate spirituality into your daily life
  • discern and make difficult choices
  • slow down and ‘smell the roses’
  • share your hopes, struggles, and losses
  • live the essence of your faith with integrity

Download a flier

You can also download a flier about personal spiritual direction at WellSpring by clicking on one of the following links: