Why should my school join Building Bridges?

This short promotional video explains the value of the ‘Building Bridges: Interfaith Dialogue in Schools’ program for the school curriculum and community:



Reasons for your school to join the Building Bridges in School Program:
  • To provide your students and staff a better understanding of the different religious and cultural perspectives of their neighbours;
  • To reduce discrimination and prejudice as a result of ignorance;
  • To provide opportunities for your students to reflect upon, articulate and critique their core values, beliefs and the experiences that have shaped them;
  • To promote personal and social capabilities and ethical behaviour among your students, as per the Australian curriculum;
  • To develop qualities of leadership in your students, such as skills in dialogue, active listening, negotiation and decision-making in a context of diversity, so they can confidently articulate their viewpoints while respecting the views of others


This video expresses the value of the Building Bridges Program in students’ own words:



“I realised that my own faith is just a pathway, it’s not the pathway”
– Matt, student