Accreditation as a Spiritual Companion

(including equivalent qualifications)

Equivalent Qualification Application

**For Spiritual Companions/Directors who qualified in another Formation program and now wish to register as a WellSpring Centre Spiritual Companion.**

Thank you for your interest in being part of the WellSpring community as an active Spiritual Companion. We look forward to exploring this with you.

Our perspective on being an active Spiritual Companion with WellSpring

An active Spiritual Companion with WellSpring means a Spiritual Companion who is seeking to journey with additional pilgrims. WellSpring assists Spiritual Companions in two ways – by providing a space on the website for a Spiritual Companion to profile their ministry and by referring seekers (potential pilgrims) to the Spiritual Companion. To be included in these two opportunities, Spiritual Companions who have not been through the WellSpring Spiritual Companion formation program, are invited to begin the process by completing and submitting this Equivalent Qualification Application, via email to

For more information

Please contact us at WellSpring

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