Booking Enquiries - Rooms

Details of our rooms and current fee schedule are available here.

To enquire about booking our facilities, please email us.

Booking Enquiries - Zoom

Welcome to the wonderful world of Zoom! Spiritual directors and supervisors are welcome to use a WellSpring Zoom account for a WellSpring related purpose.

To organise a Zoom meeting for a WellSpring purpose, please email us.

Accessing Our Buildings

If you have already made arrangements with us to hire our facilities, especially outside of usual business hours, you may have been given access to a keysafe code.

If you are not familiar with the keycode and you need to access the facilities outside business hours, please contact WellSpring -  during the week prior - by email or phone 03 9885 0277

NB: For security reasons, we keep a register of everyone who has been given access to the keycode. The keycode is also changed periodically. Therefore, please do not give out the keycode number to anyone without prior permission from the WellSpring Director or Administrator.

Library Enquiries 

You are encouraged to use the WellSpring library. More detail here.