Our Vision

Deepening in God, living out love

Our Mission

WellSpring is an ecumenical Christian spirituality centre, fostering a contemplative awareness of the presence of God and encouraging people to explore what this means for them in all of life.

Our Goals

  • We invite people towards a deeper awareness of God’s presence in everyday life
  • We provide pathways for spiritual discernment and formation.
  • We encourage reflective engagement with issues such as justice, peace, interfaith understanding, reconciliation and care for creation.
  • We create a safe, sustainable, hospitable and prophetic community.

Water is important at WellSpring!

From ancient times the spring was viewed as a gift; it arises mysteriously from the ground and spreads life wherever its waters flow. It is a common picture of the life of God in the world.

This image is at the heart of WellSpring; God is the ‘living water’ of life… refreshing, cleansing, life-giving and creative.

You are welcome! May you find a place to rest, reflect and pray amongst friends.

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