The First Ten Years

It is more than legend that WellSpring began out of the boot of a car!

Thanks to Founding Director Jill Manton and many other people who were inspired by Jill’s vision, WellSpring is far more than that these days!

Click here to download a brief history of the first ten years of WellSpring in PDF format.

Our Twenty Year Anniversary

The year 2013 marked the 20th Anniversary of the beginnings of WellSpring.

The continuation of the story, See How the Tree Has Grown! is available for free download here, or you can purchase it for a donation through our gift table at WellSpring or through our secure online shopping cart.

Covenant between WellSpring Centre and Ashburton Baptist Church

WellSpring and Ashburton Baptist Church have prepared a Covenant in 2018 to give substance and form to the journey that we now share together and to guide our shared future. The WellSpring copy of the Covenant was signed during the October 2018 Thanksgiving Service, and the Ashburton Baptist copy was signed at their AGM in November 2018. Click here to download the Covenant.